Friday, January 20, 2012

A Kingdom Partnership

With the start of a new year comes many new ventures, namely...  engagement, a triathlon, cancer-free life, and the commencement of my work with FCA Philly.  Each of these are exciting in their own right, but my ministry is the most pressing because of the fundraising element.  As of now, I have raised over 40% of my monthly goal and have been so blessed by those who have jumped on board right away and helped me prepare for the future.  Obviously, there is still a long way to go to do this full time.  I would like to ask for your help in the expansion of God's kingdom through FCA.  I am still seeking faithful partners to support me monthly; God is using such people to provide me with the means to meet the requirements for this ministry.  

Now a partnership with FCA is more accessible than ever!  Due to my "Prospective Staff" status, my name has been added to the website and you can give online now.  You can choose whichever method is most convenient for you (credit card or check) and you can choose a variety of ways to donate including monthly, quarterly, annually, or as you are able.  It's very simple!  Just visit for more details.  Just be sure to indicate that you would like to give to a "Specific FCA Staff Person" and choose "Mike Hojnacki" from the drop down list.  In the event that you have any questions or need clarification about anything, please feel free to email me at and I will be glad to help!

Please prayerfully consider if this is something the Lord would have you commit to.  The impact of your giving will be widespread and will affect many athletes, coaches, and communities.  If you aren't so sure, but would like to learn more, please email me and let's set up a time to meet so that I can walk you through the vision of the ministry and my particular responsibilities.  This is a big commitment and I want you to be as informed as possible!

I have great confidence that the Lord will provide.  Would you consider being a part of it?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Great Gift, Even Better Reminder

Occasionally, the nature of a long distance relationship dictates that holiday celebrations take place over several days.  Such was the case for this year's not-so-white Christmas.  Just a few days before the New Year, I sat in the St. Clair living room as we shared stories of our holiday celebrations and even a few brief recipes for our favorite eats.  We finally concluded with the exchanging of a few gifts.  Lindsay placed the final present in my hands and after I had stripped it of its wrapping paper, I saw this frame:

She had artistically taken these pictures around Philly to fashion the word that has been my sustaining grace for the last 9 months: HOPE.  After I gawked at her creativity for some time, it hit me that this was the greatest gift I have ever received.  Don't get me wrong.  The frame is fantastic, but what it represents is even greater.  Several thousand years ago, God Almighty gave us hope packaged in the infant boy, Jesus.  Nothing more meek and vulnerable, yet the salvation of the world he had just entered rested on his shoulders.  And he did not disappoint.

Neither does the hope that came with him.  This is real, authentic hope, validated through the Gospel of Christ.  It was made possible through his death and resurrection.  And now December 25th is forever a reminder of the greatest gift we ever have and ever will receive.  Not earned, not deserved, but freely given, nonetheless.  

Thanks for this awesome reminder, Linds.